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Apr 29

All businesses need customers. Without a customer base, businesses are unable to generate income and grow. Statistics indicate that the majority of new businesses fail within the first year. Cash flow is a big problem for many as finance can be hard to come by in the current economic climate, but one of the biggest

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Apr 8

Olympus Marketing understand the importance of mass brand awareness and the benefits of using all forms of communication. A strong digital platform is essential in getting the word out. Managing Director Horaczeo Crawford believes “Face to face communication is the best way to accumulate long standing relationships however, maintaining those are best assisted through digital

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Mar 24

We’re all striving to be as effective as we possibly can. When we’re organized and on top of everything, it’s much easier to achieve what we want in business and in life. For some people, being highly effective comes naturally. What’s the secret of their success? The answers can be found in the business bestseller,

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Mar 7

It’s normal for people to think about what they want to achieve in life. They may want to become wealthy, or to create a product that’s really valuable to people. Alternatively, they may want to spend quality time with the ones they love, or do something that inspires them, and makes them feel great about

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Feb 23

Measuring and quantifying achievements is essential in business. By keeping a close watch on your data, and analyzing it carefully, you can discover your strengths and weaknesses, and react accordingly. Some important elements of business, however, are hard to measure precisely. Take branding, for example, which can be a major contributor to business success. An

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Feb 5

When a new business is launched, it’s important that it hits the ground running. To do this, an entrepreneur doesn’t only need a well crafted business plan, and a fantastic product or service to offer, they also need to think of a way to create a strong brand identity for themselves. A recent article in

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Nov 13

New Orleans based outsourced sales and marketing agency, Olympus Marketing Inc. were thrilled to announce earlier this week that they have acquired a new Fortune 500 client to their portfolio.

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Oct 26

New Orleans based direct marketing specialists, Olympus Marketing Inc. travelled to Dallas this past weekend to attend an illustrious business conference. Read More

Oct 23

Sales and marketing firm, Olympus Marketing Inc. travel from New Orleans to the popular destination of the Dominican Republic for a weekend of R&R plus a chance to network with other business professionals.

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Oct 16

New Orleans based sales and marketing firm, Olympus Marketing Inc. reviews the city’s support for entrepreneurs. Since the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the city is using entrepreneurship to continue the re-growth of the economy and city’s social network.

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